My Travel Yearbook


Like most people- my favorite aspect about travel is the people I encounter along the way. While the vast landscapes and intricate architecture add pizzazz to every adventure, it is the incredible humans who keep me coming back for more.

So while I hope my travel blog informs, educates, and inspires all of you to venture to new places, I wanted to create an area for the people who did the same for me. This yearbook will highlight a wide array of people- family, long time friends, strangers, and everyone in between. Plus, for all of you visual learners, this will help put a face to a name throughout my posts.

You guys are what make my travel so incredibly rich. Thank you for teaching me, loving me, supporting me, and shaping me. DISCLAIMER: these are in no particular order or ranking


My left-hand, my sis



Partners in Adventure

Graham & L

The Real MVPS

Mom & Dad


Friendship Without Borders

Mayele Jules



Perfect Travel Partner

Amariz (Mama-riz)


The Improper Frenchman



The True Rasta




Queen B


Paternal Adventurer

Chris G.