International Marketing Primary Data

Interviewee: Dr. Heru Prasetyo Kasidi, Deputy Minister of Indonesia: Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child protection

Interviewer: Mona Kate Lippitt, MSc Business and Management Student

Recorded on: 13 April 2017

  1. Previously, Nike faced much scrutiny in Indonesia because of their poor factory work conditions. Today, 70% of Nike’s factory workers in Indonesia are females. Do you believe there is still a negative association with the Nike brand? And with the large percentage of female workers, do you think there is a more positive or negative correlation with Nike products?

“I do not believe there is a negative association now. In fact, Nike is one of the most favourited brands in Indonesia and people are proud to wear it because the logo represents a high social status for those wearing Nike.”

I don’t think the high percentage of female workers would give any negative image to the company. Sadly, I can say, it has become a “common” thing in Indonesia that most females work in the factories.”

  1. Is there an actual need for a performance hijab? Are enough females active? In day to day sporting/physical activities, do most women wear hijabs?

“Yes, I think there is high demand for sports hijab. Women who wear hijabs must also wear hijab when exercising and doing sports activity.”

“Currently there is no sports hijab and it’s quite difficult and uncomfortable for women to wear normal hijab when doing sports activity. If Nike is going to enter Indonesian market with the hijab I personally believe the demand will be very high.”

  1. Has athletic participation amongst women increased throughout the years?

“Every year experiences an increase. Women are now more health conscious, they go to the gym after the office hour, or go jogging during the weekend.”

“I can also see it increasing by the number of gyms opening in Jakarta and other big cities.”

“The local government in several big cities in Indonesia highly promote car-free-day every sunday morning, where people can go jogging, cycling or any type of exercise.”

  1. Some people have argued that Nike is just trying to capitalize on profits instead of promote ethical female empowerment in Muslim countries. Do you think this will have an effect on whether or not Indonesian women will purchase a performance hijab?

“Women in Indonesia will be very welcoming if Nike is coming with its hijab because it’s just what they’ve been looking for- a proper sports hijab. It gives them the feeling of equality that they can now do sports properly, wearing a nice branded sports equipment.”  

“Indonesian people, like any other asian countries, have a characteristic that wearing western brand as a sign of social status. Indonesians see western countries different than in the middle east are are more friendly and open to them.”


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