Addy, the Adventurer



This is my sister. My best friend. The girl too cool and hip for her own good. I call her my left-hand man because her strengths are my weaknesses. She’s left-handed, left-footed, and probably classifies as left brained. While on the other hand (literally), my left side is seemingly futile. What we each lack in coordination and ability, the other compensates for in strength in power. And this paradigm represents the dynamics of our relationship. Complimentary opposites in almost every aspect, yet, with ultimately similar functions and parallel motives. Salt and pepper both looking to spice things up.


In terms of physical appearance, people often become perplexed when I show them a picture of us together. Her blonde hair, freckled fair skin, green eyes, and petite body often contrasts my darker-thick-gal features. While I inherited more of my mom’s (so-she-claims) Cherokee ancestry, Addy evolved into a younger (prettier) clone of my dad.

And then there’s our personality. While she epitomizes the type A personality in terms of organization, discipline, and time management, my internal time clock is always running five minutes late and it’s a modern day miracle if you catch me wearing a matching pair of socks.


But ultimately, we share more similarities than differences at the core. First and foremost, we both love Jesus. Our faith has enabled us to meet some incredibly amazing people and taken us to some pretty great places. We’re both adventurous and simple-natured. We attempt to optimize every situation seeking the thrill and beauty in the most basic of sceneries. We’re both extremely passionate….which can make us both stubborn. So naturally, the culmination of the two makes us extremely competitive. And while she transfers that combination of passion and competitiveness into running at the University of Georgia, I transfer mine into soccer.

She’s humble, an over-achiever, and grounded. Though she’s younger, I find myself constantly seeking her advice and comfort. She’s my number one fan and no matter the distance or time we are apart, I know she’s always rooting for me half way across the globe.


I wish I possessed half the amount of heart and determination she possesses. You ask her to jump, she asks how high. Then will jump double the distance. Anything she puts her mind to, she not only completes it, but she far exceeds it. She’s a go getter and a dreamer. The most dangerous of combinations. The limits of her abilities are non existent.



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