Czech it out.

Ahoy, Guten Tag, and Dobry Den! Hello, to all of my family, friends, and the random people whom clicked this link out of curiosity. For those of you with a peaked interest in my journey, you will be able to capture a glimpse of my adventure through the pictures and stories documented on this blog. Ultimately, I want to utilize this platform for personal use, in hopes, that one day I will be able to vividly reflect on the people, stories, and places I’ve encountered. As a result, most of my posts will be overly detailed depictions filled with pictures and captions.

Nonetheless, I guess I should stop my banter and give an update on my current state. First and foremost, I am healthy and happy. Though I am a little tired from all of the travel, a little sore from all of the walking, and way past my limit of pastries, meat, bread, and potatoes, I am excited to get settled into a routine. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being on the go making sporadic decisions, but it is nice to ease into a solidified schedule. Today, I moved into my quaint little room in Brno where I have been trying to get somewhat organized before starting classes next week. Since settling in, I have been reflecting and reminiscing on my past two weeks of exploring a bit of central Europe.

From drinking beer in breweries dating back to the 1400’s in Germany, to exploring immensely beautiful fairly tale castles where Mozart once performed in Salzburg, to eating Treldnicks (my new favorite desert) on the Charles Bridge in Prague, I have become absolutely captivated with this part of the world. Every day of exploration resulted in another day of extreme enrichment. It seemed as if every city encompassed vast histories, beautiful architecture, unique cultural norms, deliciously fattening food, and eclectically diverse people. Though the experience has already left a lasting indentation, perhaps, the most memorable aspect isn’t the sight seeing, nor the exploring, and not even the food (though it is a close second)…but rather the people.

Throughout the trip, my favorite experiences have been the ones in which a casual conversation evolved into in-depth life revelations. Whether the conversation transpired from a simple question about directions or being paired next to someone on a bus, I learned more in those hours of conversation than through any of the sights I saw. The more I deeply connected with people, the more I realized how interconnected the world truly is.

No matter one’s background, origin, or gender, most everyone has struggled with similar trials and rejoiced through similar triumphs. Regardless of the radical differences in lifestyles, language, or religion, most people’s innate needs, wants, and desires draw parallel to our own. Most people simply want to have their voice heard. And once their thoughts are addressed with open-mindedness and a genuine interest, any in-depth conversation is possible. This is what is so intimately beautiful about travel- a surface level conversation with a stranger evolving into an exchanging of knowledge and then suddenly progressing into the core of the person. At the core, people become beautifully translucent exposing honest desires and passions which in return inspires and motivates.


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