Speak Up

As more and more days pass after the Charleston shooting, I’ve noticed a decrease in posts and a dwindling in discussion which has really tugged on my heart. Typically, I try to avoid discussing super touchy subjects due to my timidity of clashing with other passionate opposing opinions. But as brothers and sisters in Christ, I think it’s finally time that we speak up.

Sure, we can continue to give our generic condolences and send up prayers, but no amount of theological comfort will lead to any progress without a radical change. Did you know the AME church originated because the white churches denied black people the right to sit with them in the place of worship? Yet, years later the 2nd oldest AME church welcomed Dylann Roof with open arms who in return murdered them in cold blood.

Dylann Roof was not born a racist. Racism isn’t some rare mental disease. Racism is handed down through generations. Racism is taught. Racism is learned. And the fact that he acquired this sort of extreme hatred based on skin color in present day America is evidence of a bigger issue at hand.

Now, we can’t choose what side of the equation we are born into, but we can decide if we are going to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Christ challenged the state of authority on multiple occasions and warned religious leaders when they were blinded by their own self-righteousness and privileges. It’s time we do the same.

There is nothing holy, loving, righteous, inclusive, or theological about a God who ranks, brands, or categorizes based on skin color. Jesus is not the god of white supremacy. He has never seen black nor white and He never will. He sees our heart. And it’s time for us to break the silence and fight for the hearts around us because racism clearly isn’t going to go extinct.


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